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About Loving Reins

Mission To provide equine assisted educational learning where humans, horses, and hearts are reigned together to bring emotional, mental, physical and social wellness for adults, children and families.

Vision To provide a positive, healing environment for all who participate in our programs. Through mutual involvement in our program, we will empower and enhance the overall quality of life for all participants, volunteers and staff.

Values Loving Reins exists to carry out and inspire the love, care and responsible stewardship of horses and people by staff, volunteers, and participants Loving Reins EAL activities will afford participants an experience that can instill life-changing skills and values based upon personal responsibility, discipline and commitment within a strong culture of mutual respect. Loving Reins does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, marital, or family status.


Equine Assisted Learning is a ground-breaking experiential (hands-on) approach to growth and learning using horses as a catalyst for change. Each session is facilitated by a dynamic team (the horses, an equine facilitator and you).

Horses are incredibly perceptive and sensitive to our emotions.  They cannot over-think a situation and are unable to lie, therefore providing instant and totally honest reactions to their handler’s emotions.  This allows facilitators a better look into the client’s personality, and may bring to light feelings the client themselves were not even aware of.

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January 15, 2019, 6:27 pm Asheville Citizen Times Working with horses has proven to significantly help those suffering from PTSD. If you want to learn more about it take a look at www.lovingreins.com https://www.facebook.com/AVLCitizenTimes/videos/299270470725297/ … See more While looking for resources to help his war-related PTSD, Cody found horses who were in as much pain…


Why Equine Learning?

Why Use Horses?

Working with large and powerful animals helps participants overcome fear. Accomplishing tasks involving horses, in spite of this fear, creates confidence and helps the participants deal with other intimidating situations in life.

What Horses Teach Us?

In an educational setting, horses and the lifestyle that goes along with maintaining horses, provides opportunities to teach critical life and communication skills.

Who We Serve

Various School Districts

Work with the schools to identify and offer preventive and educational events for students and staff. This opportunity can also take the form of leadership training for youth and adult members

Mental Health Providers

Collaborate with mental health providers in the community and offer Equine Assisted Learning  for all referrals to help with  emotional well-being

Horse Camps

Use of camps to help youth and adults experience the joy of learning to decrease fears of self-doubt and increase hope and healing in all things.

Youth Groups

Youth groups participate in activities that help them learn the art of self care, improve comprehension on what it means to be united, and increase self-confidence


Collaborate with organizations to work on staff retreats and use communication and team building activities.

Volunteer Services

Loving Reins welcomes all those who are interested in giving volunteer hours to help with grooming, camps and special activities that occur .


Horses for Heroes

Collaborate with Veterans Affairs to establish a program that would benefit the veterans in doing some volunteer work and provide a place to align with the horses to help alleviate fears and increase self-confidence.


You can make a difference!!!

Equine Assisted Learning is a way to experience change in a hands-on way by challenging people to look at themselves and the world in a new way. People who have struggled to make progress or achieve their treatment goals in the past have made significant breakthroughs with the aid of equine assisted learning. Loving Rein’s mission is to  provide equine assisted educational learning where humans, horses, and hearts are reigned together to bring emotional, mental, physical and social wellness for adults, children and families. Many children and families unfortunately can not afford equine assisted learning due to economical challenges in their families.  We do not want anyone to miss out on this opportunity based on financial need.  No amount is to small. For a contribution of $60 a child can receive one weekly session of equine assisted learning. Won’t you join us in helping out our children.  After all, it takes a village to raise a child!!

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Including wheelchair, cane, communication devices, etc.
Due to a current waiting list, in order to reserve your lesson time, all first time lessons are required to secure the time with a $15 non-refundable deposit, with remainder due at time of lesson. Due to unforeseen circumstances on the clients part, the lesson time may be rescheduled only one time, with a minimum of 6 hour notice. Please type in the "Payment Choice" box with either; cash, check or paypal and your full name. All deposits due one week before scheduled lesson.


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